Bikes4Refugees needs volunteers to collect and deliver donated bikes to a collection point.

Volunteers collect and deliver the donated bikes to a collection point from where they will be donated to refugees who need them. Join us to make smooth and affordable transport possible for refugees!

No special skills are required to become a broker, the will to help is the key.

If you want to volunteer, please send email to:

What do I need to do as a volunteer?

As a volunteer, you will pick up the donated bike from the donor and deliver it to a collection point in Pasila, Helsinki.

How will I get information about donated bicycles?

We will provide you with the details of the bicycle donor and instructions on where to deliver the bikes. After that, you will be responsible for the process and for the bicycle to be delivered.

How will I transport the bike?

It‘s up to you. You can transport the bike by cycling, car, public transport or even use a cargo bike.

I have no room to store donated bicycles – what should I do?

You do not need to store the donated bikes. The donated bikes will stay with the donor until you have agreed on the time of collection and coordinated the delivery to the collection point.

How big an area should I operate in?

It’s up to you. You can operate in your own city/municipality or in a more extensive region. However at the moment the collection point is only in Helsinki, so all bikes must be delivered to Helsinki.

For how long will I have to commit to this?

It’s up to you. Please inform us when you no longer want to take part.

Will I get paid or will expenses be reimbursed?

No, Bikes4Refugees is based on volunteer work. We are aiming to arrange partner companies to provide supplies for pick-up (reflectors, lights, bells etc.) for the bikes.

Should I be a member of the Finnish Cyclists’ Federation to become a bike broker?

No – any one who is interested can sign up as a volunteer.