Bikes4Refugees is an initiative launched by the Finnish Cyclists’ Federation to help Ukrainians and other refugees in Finland. 

The idea of Bikes4Refugees is to broker donated bicycles to refugees who need them. You can take part by donating a bike, by volunteering as a bicycle broker or by requesting a donated bike (refugees only).

Through the Bikes for Refugees campaign, we have donated more than 250 bicycles all over Finland. The campaign is run by volunteers and unfortunately not everyone who wants a bike could not be helped.

The campaign goes on a break for the winter and will resume in the spring of 2023.

Donate a bike

Finland is a cycling country, and bicycles are an important means of transport in daily life and source of joy in leisure. Help Ukrainians and other refugees to settle in Finland and the Finnish cycling culture.

You can donate a bike on spring 2023 when the campaign starts again.


Bikes4Refugees is fully dependent on volunteer brokers who deliver the donated bikes to the refugees who need them.

Join us to make smooth and affordable transport possible for refugees!