Help Ukrainians and other refugees to settle in Finland and the Finnish cycling culture.

Finland is a cycling country, and bicycles are an important means of transport in daily life and source of joy in leisure.

Cycling allows refugees to go to school or work, gives freedom of movement, lets them get familiar with their new surroundings and provides an affordable way of exercise. Many refugee centres are located in places with poor public transport service, and therefore bikes are particularly important.

The campaign goes on break for the winter and will resume in the spring of 2023.

Do you have a bicycle that works but that you aren’t using? Donate it through us to those in need!

Just fill in the form below, and our volunteer will pick up the bike and deliver it to someone who needs it.

We only accept bicycles in working conditions. The volunteer bike brokers check the condition of the bicycles and can add reflectors, lights and locks and perform minor maintenance, if necessary.

You can donate a bike when the campaign starts on spring 2023.